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We wanted to specialise inthe area of Automation so we created a new business called "Advanced Automation". 

Lifestyles, one touch control, piece of mind and simplicit is "The Smarter Way of Living"

With these key factors as our guidlines, our team of professionals ensure that each project we complete has that individuality to suit and satisfy the broad range of clients that we meet.

Advanced Automation makes commercial and residential lighting control and automation applications an easier process for clients.  With more than 20 years of electrical industry experience, Advanced Automation is a C-Bus Point One Accredited Integration Professional Company trained in all aspects of the Clipsal C-Bus system.  We do Design, Integration, Project management, Programming, installation, maintenance and support of all C-Bus systems.


  • Light groups can be dimmed from multiple locations in the home
  • Switches can be upgraded without adding any more wiring in the house
  • The network System can always be upgraded, as new products become available
  • Ease of wiring as all switches are wired using Cat 5 Data cable
  • Scene settings are possible - eg. Goodnight mode, entertainment mode etc. (Where you can program as many lights to turn on/off by the touch of one switch)
  • Capable of integrating with security systems, smoke detectors and stereo systems
  • Managing air-conditioners, sprinkler systems, garden lighting etc.
  • Power Saving - eg. Control of hot water systems, lights on timers
  • Incorporate with a modern LCD touch screen where you can create scene settings and scheduling